Barry Blanchard: Blog en-us (C) Barry Blanchard [email protected] (Barry Blanchard) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Barry Blanchard: Blog 120 120 Ten-Twenty One-Twelve. Seems most of my life I've been seeking something, most of the time it's an answer to a problem... or how to make something simpler. Over the past few years I made things like my own filter holders so that I can try different ways of manipulating light. After all, its that light I seek these days.

San Mateo coastline, California.

Ten-Twenty One-Twelve.Ten-Twenty One-Twelve.


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One-Twenty Two-Thirteen. What if I didn't show up to see you? I'm glad I did, and even more happy I brought my camera. I'm just crazy about sunsets and do my best to be at the right place... and the right time. 

Bonny Doon Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

One-Twenty Two-ThirteenOne-Twenty Two-Thirteen

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Strawflower No. 14. I seek out common strawflowers in the wild, not far from my home. Sometimes I shoot with a macro lens, sometimes a telephoto. What I am looking for is a particular type of glow that usually happens when sunbeams filter down through trees and onto my subjects, and I know if I get up early the sun will be at an angle I prefer. Most of the strawflowers I photograph can be found at the Santa Cruz Arboretum here in Central California. I hope you enjoy what you see here as much as I like capturing them. 

Strawflower No. 14Strawflower No. 14

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